Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Catching up II

Having emptied my camera for the first time for ages last night, I came across some pics taken at my lovely father's 80th birthday celebrations at the end of February. How quickly time has flown. My parents are now both 80, and as lively, energetic and astute as ever (far more so than I am, I often feel). They rejoice in good physical and mental health and have certainly enjoyed for the last twenty years the fruits of a lifetime's hard work and fiscal prudence, constantly adding to their in-depth exploration of their native shores, as well as travelling widely abroad - my sister and I never know where the next postcard will be coming from! - and long may it continue, say I.

Father's big day was marked in a modest fashion, with lunch out for close family at a pleasant local eatery, and tea and cakes at home later.

Oh, and luckily, I am blessed with some of the most attractive children on the planet . . . . and they never let me down in public. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Juliet - great to see you back with lovely photos as ever. Giving up blogging for Lent? - I think there could be a lot to be said for it!I shall think about it for next year. Apart from the time, did you find there were other benefits in your life?
(no time to sign in!)

Laureline said...

What beautiful parents you have! Well, we KNOW your children are lovely, even when they rearrange their facial features, but your parents are so graceful and dignified looking! Glad to see you're doing well, Juliet, even if you're up to your ears in work. Best of luck with it all!