Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Town Kings - Round and Round

OK, this is one of those Proud Mother Moments. But I hope you'll also agree that it's a great song by Colchester's best-loved band and a rather brilliant video by Olivia (whose films have featured on Musings before, but this is her first professional job).

(It's also one of those Frustrated By Technology moments, because I can't get Blogger to post this in full widescreen mode, so you don't get to see the whole of it. (If anyone knows how to fix this, please get in touch asap!) So, if you lose the right-hand bit of the screen watching it here, please go to YouTube and see it in its full glory. )

For more about the New Town Kings' upcoming gigs (including their European tour), go to their Myspace page.


Anonymous said...

Aww thanks mum :D And anybody that hasn't seen them live yet - you really must! Dance near the front, and you might in the next vid!!

geraldgee said...

Great filming,very well shot and edited.
High time Google did something about getting Youtube widescreen films to fit.

monix said...

Superb video. Well done, Olivia. You have every right to do the Proud Mum Strut, J.

rs said...

Brilliant song and brilliant video!! Love it!