Thursday, 2 August 2007

Miscellaneous Thursday things II

Hooray, Dougal is back, with some fab new photos of East Mersea and its wildlife, including a small bat lounging around on his kitchen floor .

Looks as though Anne Barnard is coming out tops in the Great Lute Poem Debate already (see yesterday's blog). I'll give it another few days and then I'll change the attribution on my Contact page at . Once this tag is indexed by Google, however, I may receive some other correspondence, so looks as though this one might, as they say, run and run.

Email this morning from artist Laura Frankstone, who's coming over to the UK very soon, and is planning to spend a day here on Mersea while staying with friends in Woodbridge. So keep an eye on her fabulous art-blog next month for sketches of Essex and Suffolk coastal life.

And while on the subject of art, forgot to mention an enjoyable few hours yesterday spent in the company of David Britton (see ), sorting through and photographing dozens more of his paintings, which I will soon be publishing as signed giclee prints, as well as some which he wants me to sell for him online. More news on all that soon, both here and on . Looking forward to David's forthcoming event at Colchester's Headgate Theatre on 22 Sept, War’s Betrayals, a dramatic unfoldingof the life of Ivor Gurney, in Gurney's own poems and songs, from pre-war Cotswolds to First World War trenches, to post-war disillusion and mental breakdown. Performed by David (Reader and Narrator), Valerie James (Soprano), Tim Torry (Bass) and Alan Bullard (Piano). Not to be missed.

Thursday seems to be Miscellany Day here.

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