Sunday, 5 August 2007

The self-publishing revolution

Delighted to see that long-term publishing colleague and friend, Julian Roskams of in Malvern, has joined the world of blogging. Welcome to blogspot, Julian!

Julian’s debut posting offers an interesting assessment of the self-publishing revolution – how self-publishing resources such as Lulu and ‘print-on-demand’ services have opened vast new horizons for people who wish to see their words and/or pictures in print without first having to be ‘accepted’ by a traditional publisher. At the same time – ironically, perhaps – it has also given publishing services providers like Julian (and me, of course!) the opportunity to work with all kinds of people with whom we would previously never have come into contact.

Helping individuals to knock their texts into shape before publication, offering advice on the design of their pages or covers, or simply holding out an experienced hand to guide those with little or no experience of the publishing process – this is an exciting new role for us. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I'm a great fan of the whole photobook concept, and have a number of such projects in the pipeline. I’m also currently working on a number of non-fiction manuscripts for people who’ve contacted me via my website, , in search of self-publishing advice. And I know that assisting self-publishers is a rapidly expanding and successful aspect of Julian’s business too. Changing - but interesting - times.

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