Friday, 18 June 2010

Here and there

Eek, where did five whole months go?!

I'm still here on the Muddy Island, and very happily so, but the muse to Muse vanished entirely for a long while. This was certainly not owing to a dearth of things to Muse upon - far from it: I have been out and around and about and as busy as a buzzy bee. Just haven't felt the urge to 'share'. A fairly common occasional side-effect of Blogger's Syndrome, I'm told.

However, I do believe that I may be on the road to recovery at last, galvanised by my recent wrestlings with Blogger at a new location (over here), which have made me realise how very much I miss the simple act of sitting at my desk and writing stuff.

It's as much (more, probably) about the need to pin things down and record them in words and pictures for one's own benefit, as it is about clicking the button that sends the resultant ramblings into cyberspace.

Well, we'll see how things go.


Martin Edwards said...

Welcome back, and more please!

Eccentric Scholar said...

I missed you. :-)