Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mersea Island Live Music

Oops, I spoke too soon about my imminent return to Musings. Sorry. My spare time - such as it is - has been taken up this past week in launching yet another site - Mersea Island Live Music.

Frustrated - nay, enraged - by the utter lack of any kind of up-to-date source of information about what's on hereabouts, and inspired by the number of hits we've been receiving on the Mersea Session website from people seeking out live music on and around the island . . . I thought I'd better stop whingeing and do something about it.

So I'm afraid this is another non-post, merely advertising my whereabouts at another Blogger location.

But . . . . . . och, there's not really any point in saying 'I'll be back on Musings soon', is there?

No-one will believe me.

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