Monday 2 July 2012

Sailing Round the Isle of Wight with Accordions. Job Done!

Update on previous post:

Amazingly, Black Diamond and her crew of four made it all the way around the island on Saturday, despite horrendous conditions - 25mph winds and mountainous waves. An especially magnificent achievement for such an elderly and lightweight little boat.

They crossed the finishing line at 17.16, with a total time of 8 hours 47 minutes.

All credit to Greg, James, Tig and Hugo for a job fantastically well done.

Given the extreme wetness of the whole experience, squeezeboxes stayed firmly down below until the boat was safely back in Cowes. But then, revived by an apres-race beer or two, James and Greg let rip with a musical medley which had our neighbours in the marina dancing on their decks. Here's their final tune:

There's still time to donate to the RNLI in support of Crew Black Diamond's achievement. Just text BDBD47 £1 [or the amount of your choice] to the number 70070. You may do so anonymously if you wish.  Or go to the Black Diamond JustGiving page at

Thank you!