Friday, 27 February 2009

The (m)useless blogger

Utterly overwhelmed by work this week, to the detriment of absolutely everything else, including walks on TBTA/M/E. So the dog and I are both fatter and waddlier than ever.

Have given up chocolate for Lent - from vanity (weight-loss attempt) rather than piety, I'm afraid - which makes working long into the small hours of the night rather less tolerable than would otherwise be the case.

Can't think of anything interesting to write - largely because my brain is so overtaken by work worries at the moment that it's incapable of extraneous thought. But, just to keep my muse-free Musings going somehow, here are some more pics from my stroll around the Tollesbury marshes last weekend.

(That's Mersea on the horizon in the pink pics, by the way. The red lightship is owned by Fellowship Afloat and is home to the Tollesbury webcam.)


Jane Badger said...

Wonderful pictures - and sympathies over the chocolate. Daughter asked me in a very pointed was on Wednesday what I was going to give up, and I knew full well she thought I should give up cakes/biscuits/chocolate for the good of my figure. Humph.

Martin Edwards said...

Great pics, as always. Hope the work gets sorted out, so that you can reward yourself with, well, perhaps chocolate?

Sally said...

Great photos, that are making me feel home sick we lived in Tollesbury for 20 years!

Juliet said...

Jane - luckily, my elder daughter's given up 'junk food', which she defines as everything that's not positively wholesome and nutritious, so I have a partner in pudding denial and chocolate avoidance, which is going to be quite useful. Younger daugher wanted to give up salad, parsnips and pineapples: I said No!

Martin - Thanks, but no, no, no, you have got the wrong end of the stick about lenten privations - chocolate is precisely what I CAN'T reward myself with for 40-odd days!!

Sally - thanks for dropping by, I must catch up with your blog again soon: but sorry to make you homesick!

Laureline said...

Fantastic shapes and colors, Juliet!