Friday, 6 February 2009

Where did the week go?

Well, so much for getting back to daily Musing! My excuses this time: impossible work deadlines, children off school sick, dog re-infected with kennel cough . . . but NOT snow! We've had no snow on the Muddy Island since Monday, and none is forecast. In fact, sun is predicted for the weekend, but this may be over-optimism on the part of the Met Office.

Must get back to the race against time that's being played out on my desk at the moment. Meanwhile, here's a very lovely tune:


Val said...

A lovely tune and a very peaceful moment in a stressful day..THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

Juliet - great to see Aly Bain whom I recall from my student days. He has also led me to a wonderful track by Eddie Reader - about to be blogged!