Saturday 3 January 2009

The Maxi Micro

A top hit for Christmas was the fabulous Maxi Micro Scooter I bought for SD#3 from the Mersea-based Micro Scooters Ltd. SD#3 had wanted and wanted one of these, ever since having spent time last summer on her friend's Mini Micro (designed for younger children).

We were very excited when we heard that the Maxi would be available in the UK in time for Christmas. I was slightly sceptical about the 'joystick' steering method - I'd imagined that scooting along hunched over traditional handlebars would be more satisfying. But, once she got the hang of it (very quickly), SD#3 absolutely loved the skateboard-like effect of cruising along on the joystick-operated Maxi and hasn't looked back. The back wheel comes with a brake, and she is already adept at negotiating every kind of pavement, the walkway down to the beach and, indeed the woodland walks near her grandparents' home.
Robust, good-looking, extremely stable and manoeuvrable (gosh, I wish I were describing myself here, but sadly I'm not!) - the Maxi Micro is going to revolutionise the walk to school (and it will be rather tempting to ride it back myself, but I was assured by the young sales assistant when I went to collect it that I undoubtedly exceed the recommended weight limit . . . so I'd better not).

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