Friday, 2 December 2011

Musings from a Muddy Island photos reincarnated

My Musings days are well and truly over, but since this blog still gets more hits in a day than my others receive in a month, I thought I'd post this video here - a montage of photos of Mersea which appeared on Musings from a Muddy Island in years gone by. All part of my new business venture (a sideline, not a principal source of income, don't worry!), which you can, should you wish, find out more about here.

If you enjoyed that, there are more photos from the Muddy Island on the other videos in our youtube channel .


Paul Mullings said...

Welcome back I have missed your beautiful photography. The new business looks like something from a parallel universe!
Hope all goes well

Baddaddy said...

Nice sounding boxes... Are you folks planning to offer smaller diatonic two, two and a half and three row boxes? You might do well...

I run this weblog: - and play melodeon, naturally...

Gavin Atkin

Juliet said...

Hi Paul - thanks for visiting Musings again after all this time. Sorry the photos in the video are largely ones you've already seen before!

Hi Gavin - We have a melodeon arriving in our next shipment which we're going to have a close look at and listen to before we decide whether to import some more and offer them for sale as well. Look out for updates on our website and FB page. in is a very interesting blog - have bookmarked it for further visits.

Best wishes to all - Juliet