Thursday, 26 July 2007

Miscellaneous Thursday things

One of those ‘chained to the desk’ days yesterday. So much going on here, and a deluge of enquiries from potential new clients - the extremely gratifying result of a fairly modest advertising push on my part only last week. Weather very changeable, though mainly windy and dull, so didn’t miss a huge amount by going little further than the Trading Post for baked beans and a lottery ticket.

Sent off for some more wonderful, ethically produced 100% pure organic virgin Sri Lankan coconut oil from . Forget expensive body oils and moisturisers – this is ALL you need! Smells wonderful (but only very lightly scented), suitable for the most sensitive and irritable skin, children and babies, eczema, stretchmarks, hands, feet, nails, hair, eyelashes, all over. Melts on contact, makes everything and everywhere silky smooth and delicious - and you can cook with it too. No, I don’t have shares in the company, I’m just a devoted convert to Coconoil and I am determined to spread the word any way I can.

My Race for Life event is coming up this Sunday. I can’t truthfully say that I’m as fit as a fiddle and will whiz round the course in double-quick time, as my so-called ‘training programme’ has been erratic to say the least (weather, knee, back, I’ll find any excuse!) but luckily it’s NOT a competition – it’s a fun way of helping Cancer Research UK raise £60 million this year for their vital work. I do feel a lot fitter than I was when I started training, though, and am determined to keep pounding the streets (can't have all that new lycra-wear going to waste, after all). Someone has kindly promised to sponsor me if I post a pic of me in my running gear on my websites, so . . . watch this space if you fancy a good laugh! Better still, sponsor me to compensate for my public humiliation on the internet:

Oh, and here’s something which I’ve already linked to on, but I’m putting it here so it reaches a different readership: . This is just SO fabulous - some of the most treasured volumes in the British Library are now available to view online, using Turning the Pages™ (you need the Shockwave plug-in, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website) to simulate the action of turning the pages of a real book. You can enlarge any bits you'd like to see in greater detail.

The link takes you to a complete list of what's currently available - the Lindisfarne Gospels are third down in the left-hand column. There's also a to-die-for William Blake notebook, the Luttrell Psalter, with its myriad engaging glimpses of medieval life, and a Mozart notebook complete with musical excerpts . . . . amongst many other treasures.

It's easy to spend hours and hours completely absorbed in there, so be careful not to start looking if you're supposed to be at work! (NB The volumes may not open if you block popups on your computer.)

Better get on with the mounds and mounds of work. Thankfully the children are remarkably subdued, having had a spate of late nights and sleepovers with friends. It won’t last . . .

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