Tuesday, 17 July 2007

yophoto, brainy quotes and crime fiction

Here's a wonderful thing: http://www.yophoto.com/ . In less than a week (if experience here is anything to go by) these people can take your uploaded layout pages and turn them into a high-quality printed, bound and delivered photobook. To find out how David Lavington and his fab team helped to produce a special leaving gift for the much-loved headteacher of my daughter's school, and all in double-quick time, visit www.julietdoyle.com/gallery.php?cat=6701&pg . To find out how it can work for you, visit http://www.yophoto.com/ . And the icing on the cake chez moi is that our book has already been noticed by people in the print industry and nominated for two awards!

Following on from my earlier musing, here's another excellent place to find small slices of wisdom and inspiration: www.brainyquote.com/

Finally, I just received a late-night email from novelist Martin Edwards http://www.martinedwardsbooks.co.uk/ , just back from Oxford, where he spent some time with a party of his American fans. Later this week he'll be off to the Harrogate Festival www.harrogate-festival.org.uk/crime/ . Not sure how he finds time to fit in his day-job as Employment Law Partner at http://www.maceandjones.co.uk/, but somehow he seems to manage very well. I can highly recommend Martin's Lake District series and also his Harry Devlin books set in Liverpool, and I speak as someone relatively new to (and, yes, OK, I confess it, previously somewhat dismissive of) the whole 'crime fiction' genre. If you're looking for a good, atmospheric, page-turning read for the holiday season, then look no further. You can find the Lake District books here http://www.allisonandbusby.ltd.uk/authors/authorDetails.asp?aID=104

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