Thursday, 12 July 2007


Woah, busy day. Younger daughter’s prize day; then ditto sports day (she came second in two races and I came third in mums’ egg & spoon but since those in first and second place held their eggs onto their spoons with their thumbs and I did not, in my view that makes me the winner, actually, thankyou – not that I’m in any way competitive or anything); then son’s prize day and mini-concert; then tea and cakes at The Minories; then more tea and cakes at The Minories; then Oddbins for teachers’ presents (in my day we used to take in a wilty bunch of flowers from the garden on the last day of term – now there is strenuous Competitive Teacher Present Giving amongst all the YummyMummies, so out I forked for a case of NZ Sauv. Blanc but at least I got 20% off and get to keep the extras); then back to the Island and down to the sea for long-promised Penultimate Day of Term Fish & Chips On Beach, and a jolly fine evening it was, too. Some friends showed up for after-dinner rugby and the Loch Ness Monster put in a brief appearance (see pic). Answer to today’s burning question: yes it does, I’ve decided. Thank you.

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