Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cezanne's Mountain

Continuing my ongoing publication of the poems of David Britton, here is his 'Cezanne's Mountain', first published in Other Poetry.

Too easy to transform it into abstract shapes
- Those that inhabit forecourts of the mind.
If he did that, the quiddity escapes
That dour and loved resistance that we find
In obstinate things. A valid transformation
Takes more time, long staring, love, more bathing
In the air that holds us all, and long devotion
To their season day and hour. This, and the breathing
In of literal space into his spaciousness
The mental correlate of power out there.
This, and the light breathed in, the consciousness
That links us with the sun. Then he can dare
To shatter all the rocks, to pass them through
The mind's own fire that melts, makes all things new.

David is taking part in Colchester and Tendring Open Studios 2007 - and will be welcoming visitors on 22, 23, 29 and 30 September (download the Open Studios brochure for details).

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