Thursday, 27 September 2007

Join the club!

Hey, look what I've just been sent - all the way from the fabulously named Eureka, California!

I left a comment on Joel's excellent TextWrap blog a while ago. It's well designed, attractive and informative, and a good example of the sort of work-related blog which I originally intended this one to be before it descended into a repository for wedding photos and the domestic rantings of a grumpy middle-aged mother.

You will see that Textwrap features at the top of my list of typography-related websites below right.

Last night Joel sent me an email to say 'Hi' back, to present me with this coveted award, and to alert me to his other blog: Carson Park Design. This one has recently featured a series on the genesis of a logo for an Oysters & Ale festival. Love it. A lesson in clarity and brevity from which I intend to learn.

1 comment:

Joel Mielke said...

Most Americans would immediately recognize the logo as a spoof on a ubiquitous recreational vehicle club known as the Good Sam Club.

I hope that you have no such thing in the UK. "RVs," as we call them, are ridiculous, lumbering, global warmers.