Tuesday, 4 September 2007

'What’s important in life is not the triumph but the struggle'

Hooray! My copy of Susan Angebranndt's gorgeous broadside, Triumph or Struggle , has just arrived in the post, all the way from Burlingame, California. When I saw it on Susan's Green Chair Press blog, I simply couldn't resist. (It will have to be part of my Christmas present from someone, to save them the bother of having to trek round the shops!)

Last day of the school hols here, so a busy day on the home front, sewing name-tapes into new school uniform and catching up on ironing dozens of school shirts which have been waiting in the 'Ironing In' basket for the last seven [arrgh!] weeks. So no time for work or blogging until all the books are found, the forgotten-about homework safely completed and a full kit inspection this evening proves that all is present and correct.

Today's 'quote for the day' is apt in many ways.

Anyway, be warned, I have been ranting on someone else's blog about issues typographical, so I've a good long 'muse' on the subject up my sleeve which will be splurged in all its convoluted glory across these pages in days to come. But probably not until after The Wedding.

More things ticked off the list:

Practised walking in to-die-for shoes without falling downstairs, breaking neck and actually . . . dying - tick

Tried on Trinny and Susannah's fab miracle magic item - tick (and gosh!!)

Affixed additional adormnent to hat (flowers, fruit, feathers, small stuffed animals,* etc, etc) - tick

* - I jest (probably)

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