Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fiction Flirting

If Music be the Food of Love and Literature is All About Sex - which must be truths almost universally acknowledged - then Bill Coles, author of The Well-Tempered Clavier , together with his publisher, Tom at Legend Press might be onto a winner with their new wizard wheeze:

Fiction Flirting

(A little late for Valentine's day but, then, these are MEN we're talking about here, so I don't think we should be too surprised about that . . .)

Anyway, the idea is that instead of becoming all tongue-tied and awkward and shy when you spy the man/woman of your dreams - down at the chippie, or the gym or wherever you generally hang out looking for lurve - you simply slip them a copy of your favourite book (Bill's The Well-Tempered Clavier is, coincidentally, the recommended choice) and, hey presto, your dreams will all come beautifully and passionately true!

Well, that's the theory. It's still in its 'research and development' phase at the moment, but that's where you can get ahead of the game. Bill and Tom are looking for Guinea Pigs. Well, each to his own, I suppose. They are also looking for some up-for-it, book-loving, singles who will take up the challenge and help to discover whether Fiction Flirting might actually become the New Speed Dating.

You don't even need to buy the book you give away to the object of your lustful thoughts. As Bill explains:

We’ll provide the books. We’ll provide ample coaching. We’ll provide the stickers to glue inside the front cover of the book (so that your swain can eventually track you down via Gorgeous Networks, our dating agency partner).

And all you’ve got to have is just that little bit of chutzpah to chat up that beefcake at the bus-stop; that doe-eyed dreamer in the corner of the cafe; that wistful houri delicately applying her lipstick in the library … get the picture??

If you too would like to find love and are not averse to having your picture in the papers, then do get in touch …

I'm not sure whether many of my regular readers of a Certain Age (not to mention marital status) will be eligible for Legendary Guinea Pig status, but - it could be a bit of a larf, so if you fancy giving it a whirl, you can find out more here.


monix said...

Being of a certain age and married, I'll rule myself out but it certainly sounds more interesting than 'smirting'.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun but somehow I don't think it would take off on Exmoor (might frighten the horses ya see). And sadly, having lived in these here parts for 10 years, have come to the conclusion that there is a distinct lack of men that could even cause a slight flutter. (Sorry Eligible Men of Exmoor if you're reading this - maybe I just haven't stumbled across your path yet. But then I don't do huntin', shootin' or fishin', so it's probably my own fault. And now I'm probably too ancient anyway.)

But I could give it a go in London. Or maybe not ...