Sunday, 24 February 2008

Oh! So it's not just me, then!


monix said...

Got that t-shirt packed safely away now, thank heavens. But it is approaching pay-back time with my daughter about to give birth, I'm looking forward to smiling wryly when she complains!

Anonymous said...

haha oh brilliant. Def the soundtrack of my days. I must show it to my sons later - they always swear that all parents go to some special school to learn all the Standard Parental Utterances!

Juliet said...

M - Yes, my mother's got 'wry smiling' down to a fine art when I venture to suggest that her darling grandchildren might, on occasion, be a tad on the annoying side!

RB - my 14-year-old daughter emailed me the link last night (from upstairs - is this dysfunctional or a normal way of communicating with teenagers in the same house these days?!?) and I laughed and laughed. It's so comforting to know one's not alone - though it a little worrying to learn how devoid of originality my maternal rantings are!

Anonymous said...

And the funny thing is, nothing ever really changes, no matter how old they are. Mine is very, very grown-up etc, you know, two degrees, a career, married, own house, car blah blah blah but still managed to have any number of boxes of her stuff (from childhood and schooldays) filled to overflowing and stored at my house until just last year.

Even after eventual and fairly ruthless sorting at this end, there were still boxes by the dozen. When she and her husband moved to a new house, with more space, I ferried all the 'archives' up the M4. But it had to be done under cover as she said her husband would go ballistic if he found out she was bringing even more piles of paper to the new house.

Kids don'tcha just love 'em? (I think I'll know that I really am old when she starts to mother me ...)