Saturday, 2 February 2008

Things that didn't go quite according to plan

Well, so much for lunch at the Oyster Bar . . .

Various family members unavoidably detained in Colchester . . .

So called it off, ate a solitary salad at my desk and carried on working instead.

Took the dog out for a stroll round the sea wall.

Cold, quiet, deserted. A subdued, wintry sunset.

Then settled down to watch . . .

Wales beat England!!! Argghh! Unbelievable! How could England let this happen?

(Mind you, could - mutinously - quite happily watch James Hook convert tries all day long . . . and I've never felt that way about a Welshman before!)

Ate consoling cake, then got back to work again (breaking off for my regular appointment with the ER).

Strange old day, on the whole.

Have got a nice new teapot, though!

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