Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Race for Life

Yesterday's post about Tackled Pink - a fun new way to raise awareness of and funds for Breast Cancer Care - reminded me that it was high time I signed up to run in this year's Race for Life at Essex University, to raise funds for Cancer Research UK .

Long-time readers will know that this non-sporty, middle-aged old lump of a blogger surprised all her friends last year by trotting round the 5k course in a fairly creditable fashion (thanks largely to the efforts of my personal trainer and running coach (aka My Boy) in the weeks leading up to the run).

I have just emerged from hours fiddling around online, tinkering with my fundraising page, only to discover this highly apposite post on Random Distractions .

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monix said...

Oh you lovely, lumpy, non-sporty young thing! Have a great day and I hope lots of people give you lots of money!