Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Short uncertain conversations for the ears

Just packing for a few days away in Berkshire with my girls, and felt inspired to share these - some of my favourite earrings.

They're made by Clare Hillerby, who is based in Edinburgh, and who specialises in mixing silver with fragments of paper from old printed books and vintage handwritten postcards. I love the allusive quality of her work with its hints of mystery and yearning. Clare describes the recycled snippets she incorporates into her jewellery as 'short uncertain conversations'.

I must have had these for three or four years now. You can see some of Clare's more recent work here and here.

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monix said...

What a fantastic idea! I can see where I'll be buying my next unique gifts for special people. Thanks for the link.

Have a lovely break, come back refreshed and with lots of pictures to share. M xx