Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Too overwhelmed with work this week to get my head round some long overdue book reviews. As soon as I've shifted a particularly complicated manuscript off my desk, however, I shall apply myself to musing about some excellent recent reads.

Meanwhile, briefly, a couple of updates:

Some very welcome developments on the No to Age-Banding campaign collected together on The Fidra Blog (see in particular the comment from Steve Augarde under the main post).

A round-up of Buy a Friend a Book Week prize draws on Juxtabook. And just a reminder that for your chance to win a copy of my favourite booky book of all time, J L Carr's Harpole & Foxberrow: General Publishers, just leave a comment here. The draw will be on Saturday. (NB something has gone wrong with Blogger and it won't let me add any more names to the list on the sidebar. I hope this is a temporary blip. Meanwhile, rest assured that, if you leave a comment or send an email asking to be included, then your name will definitely go into the hat.)

Finally, thanks to everyone who joined in my little First Blogversary celebration, both via comments and by email. Thanks so much for your very kind words.


monix said...

Hey, J, when did you sneak over to take that picture of me in my office? The paper mountain is even higher today. Advice to recall when you reach my age - never join a voluntary body, it's all work and no pay!

Anonymous said...

Yes, so much for the paperless workplace. I gave up trying to keep on top of the paperwork ages ago; most of the 'filing' is in piles on the office floor. And has spread - it's on the dining table, the kitchen worktops . . . in fact, give me a surface and I'll cover it. But who wants to do filing when there are books to be read?