Friday, 4 July 2008

Harpole & Foxberrow BAFAB draw - one day to go

Quick reminder - just one day to go before I put all the names in my Muddy Island Rainy Day Hat for the BAFABD prize draw and pull out the lucky winner.

So if you fancy a copy of the delightful bookish novel Harpole & Foxberrow: General Publishers by J L Carr, published by Quince Tree Press and you haven't entered yet - do so now by clicking here and leaving a comment! You don't need to be a regular reader or a blogger to enter.

Meanwhile, there is a veritable explosion of generosity in the bookblogosphere this week. Here are some of the other book giveaways going on at the moment:

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Good luck!


monix said...

I was trying to keep your draw quiet, J. Does this comment give me a second chance?

Juliet said...

Hmm. So quiet that you mentioned it on Randoms today! No, I'm afraid it doesn't give you another chance in the draw, but I *really* want you to read this, so if you don't win, I'll lend you my copy, OK?

monix said...

I'll hold you to that!

Cat said...

Just wondering, have you got a version of this...

in the UK?