Sunday, 6 July 2008


Goodness, that went on and on and . . . on, didn't it?!

Can't remember ever having watched a Wimbledon final quite like it.

Gardening? Chores? Properly functioning family life? All forgotten in the excitement.

And as for Rafael's vest. Well. Gosh. Should it be allowed?

Me: g-r-o-a-n . . .

Son: but he won the point, Mum!

Me: yes, I know. It's just, you know, his, well, biceps . . .

Son: what's wrong with them?

Me: nothing! nothing at all! it's just . . . almost . . . too . . . unbearable . . . to look at them . . .

Son: you mean you like his arms?

Me: g-r-o-a-n. Yes.

Son: you really really like them?

Me: Yes.

Son: you mean it's, like, if you were a man and a woman was playing, like, topless?

Me: yup. pretty much . . .

Son: . . . oh

Achieving absolutely nothing between 1.30 and 9.30 pm (apart from watching telly) has understandably taken its toll. I'm completely exhausted.


oxford-reader said...

Me too, me too! The only way my parents got me to eat was by having it in the second rain stops play break!

My father likened Nadal V Federer to a flying butress v a brick shithouse - because of the muscles of course!

60 Going On 16 said...

The dogs were quite concerned. They're not used to me jumping up and down, shouting, and clapping continuously while crying. Well, not when I'm alone anyway.

As for those biceps, you're absolutely right. Of course, at my age, the appreciation is purely aesthetic, you understand.

wordsmith_for_hire said...

Me too, me too! Did bugger all yesterday from about 2pm, bar a quick surf during the rain breaks.

I suspect my new neighbours are wondering what all the noise emanating from Wordsmith Towes was about.

I agree about the biceps - perfection!

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliet
Caught most of the action despite and during erecting new garden furniture (in a downpour) and having a cena interrupta (?) with friends. Hats off to Nadal who seems like a nice guy who has worked damned hard but have to demur on the whole body image thing which is impressive but somehow not quite Wimbledon to me. Give me a shirt with a collar any day! (Okay I'll let Andy Murray off as he is my countryman). Meanwhile there are still some men who wear tidy clothes and do it for me (Djokovitch anyone? Or how about that umpire from the Ladies' final!)
(Grumpy old) Alison

Juxtabook said...

Lovely conversation with your son - had me chortling away whilst I did the evening's book packing.

Juliet said...

Hi everyone - feel better knowing that I'm not alone in this one small weakness.

Catherine - My son and I do have a tendency to shock each other, I'm afraid. The other evening I was accompanying him on the piano as he practised his violin and he suddenly said (in the middle of some Dvorak) 'Mum, what's Masturbation and how exactly do you do it?' I'm afraid that my well-practised, never-be-embarrassed-by-anything-the-kids-ask-about-sex principles utterly deserted me. I turned red and fled from the room, shrieking 'ask your father'!

Jane Badger said...

I remember a Christian Union meeting at university when masturbation was mentioned. Never been in a public meeting before or since where there was such a total and noticeable change in the atmosphere. "Oh no, oh no, OH NO!" went the atmosphere.

But back to Nadal - so Federer's cardigans don't do it for you then?

Juliet said...

Hmmn, yes, I can imagine :-)

Re cardigans: nope, the last time a man in a cardigan really did it for me (and I speak entirely metaphorically) was in 1976 and the man in question was Paul Michael Glazer. In real life the only men in cardigans I have ever allowed anywhere near me were my grandfathers.

Juliet said...

Oops, I think the correct spelling is Paul Michael Glaser. For anyone of a younger vintage who is mystified, here is the cardi in question: .

And I have to say that I am myself quite mystified as to why this cardigan was, at the time, the very last word in drop-dead gorgeous sexiness. But I can assure you that it was!

Nic said...

Me too! We were holding a picnic (or rather an unpicnic, indoors, due to the rain) for my boyfriend's birthday, and the tennis was on the whole time. Room was roughly split between the two, but I was all about Rafa.

And, yes, his arms. ;-)

Jane Badger said...

Re PMG - yes, you're right Juliet. I even, ahem, had a cardigan that was very similar. Maybe it was different if worn by a girl, but it didn't seem to have the same effect as far as I was concerned.