Saturday, 26 July 2008

Still haven't . . .

. . . had time to put together any bookish posts. And I feel particularly bad about this having unexpectedly received the accolade of a BRILLANTE WEBLOG PREMIO 2008 blog award from Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. Kerrie is, by her own admission, 'seriously addicted to crime fiction'. Her blog is always immensely entertaining and informative, and I visit it often. Thanks Kerrie!

It's been a week filled with the unexpected. New clients, new friends, even a new mobile phone (rendering the impulse-bought half-price bottle of supermarket plonk which killed my previous phone the most expensive bottle of wine I've ever purchased)!

Today was Carnival Day at West Mersea. SD#3 processed with her dance school's Lion King themed float. Stalls were visited, bouncy slides bounced and slid down. There was a dog show and a vintage car show and lots and lots of cake. Blazing sunshine, too, in defiance of the BBC weather forecast's constant promise of Heavy Showers (it's been promising Heavy Showers Tomorrow for several days, but they keep getting shunted on a day, so that it's always sunny today, wet tomorrow).

Was just back home and cooking supper for the troops when there was an unexpected knock at the door and I was unexpectedly invited for a quick evening's sailing.

The troops cooked their own supper.

So here are some quite bad and blurry pics from the other side of the familiar stretches of water featured on this blog.


Kerrie said...

The lovely photos more than compensate Juliet :-)

Greg Dunn said...

Ah, CK91, the Forethought, built by Miller's of Fife, flagship of the Jowers Line, currently time-chartered by my old friend Blossy, who I haven't seen for years, and would like to, so if anyone reading this name-dropping tosh knows his goodself, tell him it's high time he returned to Tollesbury.

Do hope you get seaborne again soon, Juliet, nice to see the muddy island from a new angle.

Juliet said...

Kerrie - thanks!

Greg - What a mine of information you are! And do please feel absolutely free to use this blog as Fisherman's Friends Reunited! Hope you find Blossy. And yes, I'd like to get afloat again very soon too.