Monday, 25 August 2008

La Mer

Hello, hello and apologies for prolonged absence. Busy times here at Musings. When I haven't been at Legoland, or chained to my desk getting some legal tomes off to print, I've been out enjoying Mersea Week, culminating in the Town Regatta, with lots of splashy fun, dodgems, fireworks, and messing about on boats.

Will get back to some proper blogging soon, I promise - but meanwhile, here's a nice painting, Regatta, by Raoul Dufy, a few pics from the week just gone, and a song.


monix said...

Welcome back, it's lovely to see your stretch of the sea again. It is very different from mine but equally beautiful. Thanks for the music, too.

Juliet said...

Hi M - Thanks, it's been lovely exploring my stretch of sea in a bit more detail recently. Corny old song, I know, but some jolly nice pics to watch as one sings along (in a corny old fashion).

60 Going On 16 said...

Corny is fine, when it's Charles T (and probably better than sea shanties). And thanks for the jolly Dufy - another favourite painter.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Juliet -
Our English friends have decamped from Vermont which means, I think, school is starting over there again soon. I am looking forward to your promised blog posts. (Not that these last ones weren't very nice but we miss your writing). A few months ago, iTunes gave away a song called "Check Yes Juliet". It is one of my son's favorites - actually, we all like it - and it is on a couple of CDs on current rotation in the Camry where we spend 2 hours a day. Naturally, it makes me think of you and your Muddy Island, and reminds me that I have been meaning to check in. Cheers.

Tom said...

Hi Juliet,

I've been meaning to drop you a comment since i promised your husband i would while he was taking us back from my mothers 60th birthday on the packing shed back in June! It's nice to know there are fellow islanders with similar passions (typography, radio 4, boats, music, mud) and will say hi if we see you in the village. I'm the scruffy chap usually accompanied by my lovely wife Tabby and Archie (4) and Seth (1), our 2 kids. Do take a looksee at my illustration blog if you feel like it. Take care!

Juliet said...

D - love Dufy - always lifts the spirits!

Kim - thanks for kind words - I've been catching up v belatedly with your recent posts - some lovely photos and an excellent haul of vintage books, too. Haven't forgotten promise to dig out some more old cups!

Tom - Hi. Thanks so much for getting in touch. That sounded like a really great party. Do please say hi if you see me around - I'm absolutely hopeless at recognising people so you will have to point at yourself emphatically and say 'I'm Tom!' if I stare at you blankly! Just had a look at your blog and have added to my exclusive list of Mersea Bloggers (there must be more of us, surely?) Does your band have a website?