Friday, 29 August 2008

More TBTM and some geese

Here are some more of this morning's photos. I'm not wildly happy with them, but they reflect the drabness of today's weather and, hey, a girl's gotta fill up her blog with something:

Picked up a take-out hot chocolate for my brek and was just conveying it mouthwards, perched on this jetty, when the dog tripped over, barged into my back and half of it ended up in my lap. Thanks, dog.

A great place to sit and muse.

As I was strolling along the sea wall just after dark last night, listening to the last noisy settlings-down of the birds - among them a loud outburst from some geese (greylags, I imagine, since the Brent geese don't usually start arriving until October) - I was reminded of my WildGoosefest last October. Which all seems mildly obsessive, looking back on it, but evidence of the ability of these birds - their wild, free spirit and their extraordinary journeys - to dig deep into the consciousness.

I'm ashamed to say that I never did finish William Feines' The Snow Geese last year. I must retrieve it from the lower slopes of the TBR mountain and reinstate it nearer the top. In the meantime, the uniform greyness of sky and sea these last couple of days has inspired me to reach again for Paul Gallicoe's The Snow Goose - one of the hardy marshland perennials in the bedside bookshelf - to accompany my weekend perambulations at the other end of the island.


KSV Woolfoot said...

I am glad I get the first comment here. These are _beautiful_ pictures, esp. the first one. It reminds me of the paintings you featured recently. I am lusting after a new camera myself. Family is unlikely to come through with one and there are all those pesky bills to pay. I read through all your other recent posts now and enjoyed them all. Glad to have you back at your old intense blogging pace.

monix said...

You manage to find such interesting things to photograph even on the gloomiest days.

I love this time when the geese are around (earlier than usual) but I never remember to take my camera. I'll depend on you for some pictures. I didn't finish the William Fiennes book, either. I heard some excerpts on the radio a few years ago and rushed out to buy it only to discover they had selected the best passages to read and the rest was rather hard going.

Susie Vereker said...

Lovely jetty! I agree with Monix -you are an imaginative photographer.

Juliet said...

Kim - Thanks - it's good to be back. Good luck with your quest (or desperate hints) for the new camera. (And I haven't forgotten about the blue-and-white!)

M - Thanks - it was so good to be out and about relatively early in the morning for a change. I find that difficult/impossible to do on school mornings. And yes, I suspect the Fiennes is going to be one of those dip-into books over the years rather than one I'll ever read in toto.

Susie - Thanks - that jetty is where I goes and just does me thinkin'

Nan said...

I just read The Snow Goose for the first time this year. I wrote a little about it on my blog, and if you'd like to read it -