Thursday, 28 August 2008


It's the last Friday of the school hols - so I made the most of my final peaceful early morning (children all sleeping off yet another late-ish night; so much for getting back into a proper routine . . . ho hum) to fill the lungs with sea air before work and see what the tide had brought in.

My trusty old camera finally threw in the towel a few weeks ago, and my family kindly presented me with a nice replacement. As with so much other gadgetry these days, however, I'm not entirely convinced that the upgraded and enhanced version is, in fact, that much of an improvement on the steam-driven model. (This sounds horribly ungrateful, which I'm truly not.) Apart from a few shaky pics from boats last week, I haven't really had a chance to try it out on my usual very limited range of subject matter. The light this morning wasn't great, but here are a few testers:

I wondered whether this last was by the same person who created the message I photographed here. If it was, then perhaps it marks the sad triumph of experience over hope. If it wasn't, then I hope the one to whom it is addressed sees it before the tide takes it away.

A farewell to the island itself, or just the end of a memorable holiday?

Messages in the sand - means to an end, or the ending of meaning?

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