Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Was excessively annoyed, on arriving at my desk a couple of mornings ago, to discover that the screen on my PC had given up the ghost during the night. This means that I have no access to my email inbox, nor my photos etc, which are not accessible across the network (I'm posting this from my laptop). 

Apologies, therefore, to anyone who has sent me emails which I have not yet been able to read. And also to everyone I was hoping to email with seasonal greetings: I have no access to my email address book either! Goodness knows when I will be able to hook up to an alternative screen - it's unlikely to be before Christmas now. My pre-scheduled countdown clips will continue to appear, but other Musings and photos will be sporadic. Luckily, like everyone else, I have a number of alternative ways of keeping myself occupied for the next few days!


Sam Charles Norton said...

I have a spare one you can borrow; just let me know.

monix said...

The heart-warming beauty of island life! I was about to leave a sympathetic note and saw that generous offer.
Happy Christmas, all you lovely Muddy Islanders.

Martin Edwards said...

All the very best for Christmas - and best of luck with the technology!

Juliet said...

Sam - Thanks so much for the very kind offer and for bringing it round (and apologies for lack of flashing neon to light your way to my door!). I am still wrestling in vain, and fear now that the problem is worse than just a blown fuse in the screen - may be the videocard in the PC itself. Will consult a few people whose technological know-how is more advanced than my own before giving in to rage and despair!

M - yes, heartwarming indeed. I'd intended that post as an explanation for absence of Musings, rather than as an appeal for assistance, but you're right - there are a lot of very lovely people on the Muddy Island, and our rector is one of them!

Martin - thanks. My very best wishes for a good Christmas for you and yours, too x.