Thursday, 18 December 2008

The reluctant countdown . . . . 7 1/2

Have survived first major foray into Britain's Oldest Recorded Town (or "Britains Oldest Recorded Town" as it says on all the signposts, apostrophes having been consigned to ancient history in these parts, it would seem). Bought as much as I could carry, and then some more. Arms longer than they were, shoulders in need of the attention of a skilled masseur but will have to dream on. A fair amount ticked off The List, but a long way to go yet. Still, I am quite pleased with myself and not even particularly grumpy. So I think this calls for a celebratory musical interlude, and this is rather fun:


monix said...

What fabulous pictures. I'm really enjoying listening to your music clips, such a change from the stuff they are playing in the shops.

colleen said...

That was quite lovely. Once you start, it is not quite so bad. And I very much savour the idea of that shining star...C