Thursday, 13 September 2007

Just press 'play'

Gosh, I'm sooooo clever! I was just visiting Diane's lovely 60goingon16 blog, and seconds later there was Frank Sinatra, singing September Song - quite loudly! Wow! She has a Sonific Songspot widget. And so, it seems, has everyone else, all of a sudden.

Not wishing to be left out - heaven forfend - I took myself straight away to and followed some remarkably simply instructions -yes, simple enough even for me to understand - and, presto! voila! - my blog is all musicked up! (NB I stuck a 'k' in there because it looked wrong without one, so forgive me, pedantic people, if I am wrong - it's a hazard of being so, like, happening, and 'musicked' probably isn't in any dictionaries yet anyway because, like me, it is way too new and cool and so, like, not last year.)

Well, anyway, to the right of this post you will see my brand new Sonific Songspot thingy. I have set it up so it doesn't come on automatically and blast you backwards across the room in your swivelly computer chair, because that seemed kinder, somehow. But if you press the 'play' button, it will . . . play! (Unless you are reading this at work on a soundless PC, in which case none of the above is relevant to you, but you could always visit again when you are at home.)

As it happens, as many of you will know, I am not in fact remotely cool or trendy and am soooo not this year, or even last year, that most of the tracks on my playlist are indeed several centuries old. If you press the fast-forward button, you can see what else is in my playlist. There isn't, as yet, a vast collection to choose from on Songspot, but it is growing all the time.

Last batch of wedding pics should be up sometime on Friday.

Back to normal musing/ranting mode next week. I will be posting a full report on the less/fewer debate, giving a forthcoming book I haven't read a bit of free publicity (just because I like the title), and publishing some more poems by David Britton.

And for anyone who's wondering how I got on at the Colchester Castle Park Fun Run, I'm sorry to have to report that I didn't take part after all. My back's playing up again (and clippy-clopping around in high heels all weekend won't have helped) - and My Boy didn't run either, as he's got some kind of stomach bug. So a no-show for Team Doyle, which was disappointing for us, even if nobody else noticed or cared. Went for a gentle amble on the beach instead, but it was too dark to take any pics. Goodness, how the nights are drawing in already.


60GoingOn16 said...

Juliet - you are absolutely right about the volume. I haven't quite worked out how to make Sonific not start automatically. (Working my way through the instructions - again . . .) I was a bit alarmed by the sound levels too. And I'm partially deaf!

But if I don't get to grips, I might be sending you an email asking how you managed to do it.

60GoingOn16 said...

Sonific - comment no 2!

Volume levels now sorted, so SInatra's September Song now just opens softly at 60goingon16. Phew and thank you for the tip, otherwise I'd have been respnsible for bumpng up the queues at audiology departments . . .

I don't think you need to worry about being cool or trendy; in fact, I am very relieved that you are not. Music is so personal and many of us have rather eclectic tastes, although my family and friends despair of my fondness for Bruce Springsteen.

But I will be listening to your choices with great pleasure.

Juliet said...

Oh, now I feel awful for making it sound like a criticism - it wasn't meant to be at all. I happened to have my speakers turned up very loud at the time! My immediate reaction was 'wow, I must get one of those!' so your blog was actually a great advertisement for Sonific. My tastes are eclectic, too, but the choice on Songspot is rather limited at the moment, and I gave up trying to find anything more, er, 'cool' which I knew or liked.

Anonymous said...

Your posting was very timely. My middle child was berating me for having SONIFIC SONGSPOT on my blog. He announced that it was an anti-social thing to do and for all the reasons you mentioned such as blasting someone off into space in their swirly chair. As a member of a younger generation is is completly "musicked" up unlike his poor old mum who treated herself to a gorgeous 30 gig I-pod only to have it stolen from her daughter's bag. You see mother's are not allowed to be cool and so gadgets are confiscated from them. But they can't stop me listening to SONIFIC, can they? I'm so sad that I have my own blog open in th ebackground and I listen to MY music. I then become even cooler as my Sonific mixes itself with that of my chums.You are obviously th epossessor of a bigger brain than mine and have realised that you can allow your visitors to choose whether to partake of your musical preferences or not. The bad thing about SONIFIC is that there isn't a very big choice of known music. The good thing about SONIFIC is that there isn't a very big choice of known music and consequently I have plumped for the unknown. The unknown was allmost my undoing earlier this work. I was listening to my own SONIFIC SONGSPOT which at the moment is Native American flute meditation music. I was so chilled out and tranquil that I didn't notice the time and almost missed my train.

Juliet said...

Ruth - your flute meditation music is lovely. And I know all too well how easy it is to lose track of time while mooching around in blogland. Fiddling about with Songspot last night, I completely forgot to water the plants or take school uniform out of the washing machine so it could be drying overnight. Know what you mean about music - I'm not allowed to listen to mine in the house or car when the rest of the family are around, and I had to hide my ipod so well that I can't remember where I put it!