Saturday, 22 December 2007

Dickensian . . . but not in a good way

Braved Colchester town centre today. It really was very horrible indeed, in many ways, and I returned home comprehensively dispirited and feeling decidedly 'bah, humbug'-ish. If I haven't caught something vile from the man who sat behind me on the bus, coughing non-stop, I shall be very surprised indeed.

Flopped in front of Oliver for a half hour's feet-up, to see whether the final offering was any less disjointed, poorly directed or badly acted than the previous episodes. It wasn't.

Have been stomping around making the odd bit of icing, dumping some greenery and flowers around the place and hanging books (only very small ones) on the tree, but am now at such a low ebb I really think I will be going off to bed before 9, with a hot whisky and lemon and a book (quite a large one) and never mind watching the results of Strictly or anything else.

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Anonymous said...

I gave up on Colchester, icing the cake as planned (its been thrown together) and Oliver - deleted the rest of the recordings. Sitting with the family last night, having cobbled together a simple meal, I let go of the feverish rushing - what a relief.

Juliet said...

You are right, T - it's a relief when it all stops - even if it's not all 'finished' as originally planned. I have been v uninspired re my cake and now I'm thinking - well, does it actually matter? Answer - NO! I've just got to get in some last-min veg at Bonner's and then we can pull up the Strood and hunker down!