Thursday, 27 December 2007

Parp, parp, toot, toot!

That's the sound of me blowing my own - or rather my children's - trumpet.

Well if one can't publicly rejoice in the wonderfulness of one's own children at Christmas, when can one?

I've already posted Small Doyle #3's Christmas card painting.

Here are SD#2's (entitled 'It was Supposed to Be a Tern but it Doesn't Look Like One So it's Just a "Seabird" ')

and SD#1's - (click to enlarge) which you will recognise as being of the bookshelf on which I keep my wooden ampersands. I was presented with the framed original as part of my Christmas present.


monix said...

Congratulations on having such talented offspring, J. I think Leafy had better watch out!

Juliet said...

Hi M and thanks, but congratulations are due entirely to them, not me - it's all their own work and I don't think there's even any genetic component to which I can lay claim (if you had seen my own recent attempts at painting you would understand!)