Thursday, 20 December 2007

More angels . . . more Corelli

Still too busy to blog! House not yet bedecked! On the plus side, the cake is marzipanned and the 'spare' fridge is filling up.

And, hey! - I won a £10 voucher in the school raffle which I can spend in Arthur Cock & Son, West Mersea Butchers, so I'll be off to see if they've any haggis tomorrow, since that's one thing not yet ticked off the List.

Anyway, in case there's anyone out there who has time to listen, here's the second instalment of Corelli's Christmas Concerto (movements 4 and 5 - very relaxing!)


monix said...

Despite being a member of the Graham clan, I have to confess to hating haggis and porridge! My thrifty Scots ancestors would approve of your buying the haggis with your raffle prize, though.

Thanks for the lovely music.

Juliet said...

Shame on you, M!

But it's a fair swap: porridge, haggis, Single Malts, highlands, islands . . . I love them all. I'm English through and through (and half-Irish by marriage) but my heart is in Scotland! Final instalment of Corelli tomorrow.

monix said...

Highlands, islands and single malts are fine, it's those oats that turn me off!