Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not yet Christmassy, but getting there slowly . . .

A quiet, island-based Saturday for a change, and, on the way back from the Post Office with Small Doyles Nos 2 and 3, decided to pop in at the NSPCC Christmas Gift Sale at the MICA Centre . And very glad we did, too. Lots of familiar faces behind the stalls, and we came away with some delicious goodies: two gorgeous rouched silk ‘frou-frou’ scarves – at least one of which will be given as a Christmas gift (the other is hovering indecisively, in that no-woman’s land between selfless generosity and greedy must-haveness); some vibrant quince jelly from Clay Barn Orchard, Fingringhoe; lemon curd and sticky toffee sauce from Pure Preserves, Polstead (we know these are yummy, we've had them before); some birdy greetings cards by Leafy; a selection of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and paper chains sold in aid of Cancer Research, and various homemade cakes . . . of which there was no trace by the time I’d unpacked everything else and taken these pics.
I'm almost beginning to get my head round the idea of Christmas being only days away. Almost, but not quite.

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monix said...

Wot, no Baileys? Never mind, you've had your revenge now by putting me into a Christmas-is-here-and not-a-present-bought panic.

Those cards look wonderful, I do hope Leafy will have her website set up soon.