Sunday, 11 May 2008

All proceeds to charity

Colchester town centre on Saturday morning was every bit as ghastly as Elaine describes. I wish I had not needed to experience it, but there were some essential things needing to be bought.

The Castle Park still managed to be a pleasant place to sit and eat and read and peoplewatch for an hour or so, despite the crowds thronging the streets.

And some idle browsing to kill time while waiting for my daughter threw up this bumper crop of charity shop books to lug home. It's too hot today to climb all the way to the top of the TBR mountain to balance these on the summit, so for the time being they are queuing patiently in the foothills.

Off to tackle the garden again now, but some bookish musings on pianos and learning to read coming up later.


monix said...

What a fabulous haul. You obviously have a better class of charity shop in your area than we have!

Anonymous said...

Comments are playing up a bit today so not sure if this will get through but . . . what a bumper crop. You're even worse than me let loose in a charity shop. Happy reading!

M - next time you visit, I'll take you to one or two of my favourites; you wont leave empty handed.

Cath said...

Wow, what a brilliant haul. I'm not safe let loose in a new charity shop, a danger to myself and the public. I can see you'd give me a run for my money though.

M: Scope in Heavitree in Exeter is the best charity shop I know of for books. Oxfam in Honiton and Tiverton are not bad. Minehead has quite a good Heart Foundation shop, as does Tiverton, and I remember being quite impressed with the one in Street in Somerset as well.

Juliet said...

Hi Devon Bloggers x 3 - I'm just checking train times for Devon for tomorrow!!!

I couldn't *possibly* divulge which are the best charity shops for books in my part of the country, or someone else might snaffle them all ahead of me!