Friday, 30 May 2008

Been shoppin'

Went gift shopping today. Found just what was needed.

These were in the irresistible, revamped stationery department at Waterstones in Colchester:

Penguin pencils. Aren't they delicious?

You can see the whole range of Penguin gifts here - including Penguin deckchair covers and Penguin mugs .

And then I noticed this:

It's not what it seems. It's a notebook! I'm giving this to my mother, since she was responsible for introducing me to Peter and Jane (about whom I recently and not very lovingly blogged).

You can see the whole range of Ladybird notebooks here and matching greetings cards here.

And finally, for good measure, I popped into Guntons, one of Colchester's best beloved emporia, and bought:

some Mersea Island Honey

and one of Guntons' scrumptious own-label panettone.

Together with all the other goodies I've assembled, including a copy of this, some choice pieces of Mersea Sea Glass Jewellery and plenty of flowers, I now feel well primed for my visit to Berkshire to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday (she won't thank me for mentioning her age but luckily her home is completely Internet-free!)


monix said...

What a fabulous lot of finds. I'm sure your mother will love her presents, especially the sea glass jewellery. Enjoy your weekend and bring back some pictures. Mxx

Anonymous said...

Love those Penguin pencils! Wonder if they will be available on this side of the pond....

Cat said...

As opposed to French Panettone?


In case I didn't mention it before I love Peter and Jane books, and cried when I heard that Ladybird Books were no more.

Sweet deals!

60 Going On 16 said...

Oh dear; I think I've just been persuaded to squander more of my pension - on those Penguin goodies. I have no willpower and you are a bad influence, Mrs Muddy Island.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kinda shopping trip. thanks for tip-off re Penguin goodies - didn't know you could get on line.