Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Mersea sea glass comes home

Great excitement here today, with the return of the Mersea sea glass from Devon to its native shores . . . but how different it all looks now!

Michele has described in a number of posts on her Hedgelands blog the different approaches she has taken to transforming sea glass (not just mine from Mersea, but also pieces from Lowestoft and the Isle of Wight). After I'd seen the kind of ideas she was coming up with, I sent Michele some carefully selected pieces for specific commissions. And here they are. They arrived beautifully packaged in an attractive padded box, with a little draw-string bag for each piece.

I'm so pleased to have linked up with Michele in such an enjoyable and mutually beneficial way. And all because one day I landed on some comments on the poetry page of the Guardian book blog. (It's a long story ...)

You can see all my sea glass posts here. And just a reminder that my prize draw for a copy of The Story of the Seaglass ends on Wednesday 21 May, so if you haven't added your name and would like to, please feel free to add a comment to that effect.


monix said...

I am probably the only woman of 62 who has never had her ears pierced but these gorgeous gems would surely tempt me! What a treat D and I are in for on Wednesday when we see the artist at work!

(Those commissioned pieces, J. Would you be thinking of Christmas and your best blogging friends in the same breath?)

Anonymous said...

How totally wonderful! Come Wednesday, Random Distractions and I will be going to see Michele doing amazing things with beads and metal. Can't wait.