Friday, 2 May 2008

Boy, 11

11 years ago today, a surgeon produced, as if by magic from behind a green screen, a 10lb 2 oz baby and announced 'well, you've got yourself a fine rugby player here, Mrs Doyle'.

And he was right. I have.

Happy Birthday, Boy.


60 Going On 16 said...

A boy of 11, eh? Now that does make me feel like a very ancient mother. Hope he has a great day.

Juxtabook said...

Snap! I was given a 10lb 2oz baby from behind a similar green screen 4 and a half years ago - perhaps it is the green screen to blame?? Mine's a girl but she did look as though she might play rugby at the time! Happy Birthday to your 10lb 2oz starter.

monix said...

Happy birthday to your bonny, bouncing boy! Have you recovered yet, J? I think it would take more than 11 years for me to get over 10lb 2oz!

Juliet said...

juxtabook - I hadn't considered that it might be the green screen that's to blame. I'd always thought it was the father, but I may have got my medical facts a bit muddled there! When my son was overdue and I was scanned and it was discovered that he was lying sideways and was 'likely to be around the 10lb mark', my consultant told me, very apologetically, that a section was necessary and he hoped I wouldn't be too disappointed about that under the circumstances. Disappointed?!? I practically punched the air! And I was so busy chatting to everyone in theatre about the general election results that I almost didn't notice what was going on behind the magic screen until that prophetic announcement was made and my bundle of Boy was handed to me. A Labour victory in every sense, that day!

M - many thanks. I've recovered, thanks, though my midrif never did, and bizarrely it took nine years for me to get any feeling back in my left thigh!!