Thursday, 26 June 2008

BookRabbit free books giveaway

If you haven't already registered with BookRabbit - the fast and friendly new way to buy books online and (if you so wish) link up with other readers with the same tastes - then now is definitely the time to do so.

New members get a free book while stocks last!

See here for full details.


Cat said...

I am not impressed.
Their system requires that I tag books on my shelf, yet jams when I try to do so, or crashes my system, depending on my whim. All this of course after they take my info.
How do you delete an account?

Juliet said...

Hi Cat - I'm sorry you've had problems tagging your books. It's not something that I've bothered to do myself. It's by no means 'required' in order to join or interact or order books. It's just an add-on, but I find it a bit time-consuming, so I simply add books to 'my books' from time to time and see who else owns them that way. I don't know how to delete an account but their customer services people are very quick to respond, so I should go to the 'help' page and drop them a line if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat

I'm sorry to hear you had problems when using BookRabbit.

We are aware that the site could get slow in certain circumstances, which can be frustrating.

So today we have implemented a super new search engine. Hopefully it should be much quicker and more accurate than before - alleviating the issues you saw and making the site generally more usable.

I hope you'll give us another go - if not then drop us a line via the contact us page as Juliet recommends.

Will Jones
BookRabbit IT Director

Juliet said...

Thanks for getting in touch, Will.

Cat said...

Thanks guys!
I'll try it again tomorrow when I'm well rested and refreshed.