Thursday, 5 June 2008

More Mersea sea glass comes home

Another two pairs of earrings have completed their circular journey from Mersea to Devon to Mersea again. (See here for the Mersea side of the story.)

And here is one of the last batch in situ.

This little sea glass arrow-shaped pendant is now a permanent fixture on my permanently affixed silver chain.

And those of you who've been following the sea glass saga will be pleased to hear that my mother loved this Mersea sea glass pendant, which formed part of her birthday present.

My parents weren't familiar with this particular strange obsession of their elder daughter, so I took along my copy of Pure Sea Glass for them to look at, and then they understood!


monix said...

The jewellery looks stunning, Juliet. I hope your parents are now reconciled to your obsession.

galant said...

What wonderful jewellery, each piece unique.
By the way, I've just seen Mersea Island on Flog It! (a repeat, no doubt) this afternoon (Saturday 7th June). It showed oysters being collected and eaten rather than antiques (not that anyone would eat antiques!)
Margaret Powling