Saturday, 7 June 2008

Time for tea cups III - roses and ribbons

Whoever it was who got me started on this is probably regretting it now!

(If tea cups aren't your thing, please bear with me while I get this out of my system . . .)

This is my third tea cups post and the second devoted to Foley Peacock Art Pottery.

This little collection features roses and ribbons.

This one is an impostor - it isn't Foley, it's Heathcote China (and rather ironically has the word 'copyright' on the backstamp). I think we know where they got their ideas from, though. I love the zigzag stems on these roses.

Sadly, I only have plates and saucers in this ribbony design.

This one is a different shape - one more usually associated with Foley's more 'classical' designs. And indeed these roses have a more traditional feel to them than some of the others here.

This one is Foley, but it's not Peacock Art pottery, the backstamp showing the Staffordshire knot (note to Sherry - I'll email you all the backstamps soon!). The cup and saucer are moulded, with slightly scalloped, gilded edges, but the teapot is plain and does have the Peacock Art Pottery stamp (and is the same shape as the smaller, rosy teapot above), so clearly the transfer designs were shared between different ranges. Not sure what Foley had against the Welsh, but there are no leeks or daffodils in amongst these English roses, Scots thistles and Irish shamrocks!

OK, that's it for now. A few oddments to follow during the week and then I'll get my head round some book reviews.


Cat said...

I was thinking it looked similar, I was bad this week and picked up a Dainty Blue.
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

}SWOON{ Oh, Juliet, I am dizzy with pleasure, looking at your divine china. Thank you for sharing them. How do you display them?
Coincidentally, yesterday a woman came into the antique shop and bought plates, a platter, a trivet, and another set of dessert plates, all festooned with roses. But nothing as nice as yours.

Kim Velk said...

Beautiful - and so beautifully photographed. Do you have a studio? How do you do it. I esp. am taken by those teapots.

I wanted to tell you that, through a great concentration of will, I stayed away from the local auction house today - even though WHusband is out of town and I could have brought boxfuls undiscovered. I have got to deal with all the stuff we have, I decided, (including the Royal Doulton plate I bought weeks ago because it was charming and underpriced - it's still wrapped in the newspaper). Don't worry, I am not going to start on figurines of any sort. On the other hand, there's this Bayeux pattern (based on the famous tapestry, of course) that Doulton did in the teens and '20s. I have just learned about it and I would love to own some. But its Sunday and I am reminded not to covet. Thanks for the nod and link, by the way.

Juliet said...

Cat- thanks

Sherry (I presume!) - Sorry to make you dizzy. I'm afraid I simply don't have space to display them all. Most of this lot are crammed into a cabinet in my bedroom because there's nowhere else for them to go.

Kim - Studio?? Ha ha ha ha ha [falls off chair laughing], I wish. I cleared a small space on the cluttered kitchen worktop and photographed them on a sheet of A3 paper with my mobile phone!! And you stayed away from the auction? You have a will of steel!

Kim Velk said...

Mobile phone?!! Now I am falling off my chair. Loved the photos of the boats on the beach or shore or whatever you call it over on your edge. Now don't tell me that was a mobile phone.

Juliet said...

Kim- That was a mobile phone, too.

Kim Velk said...

I told you not to tell me that! What kind of mobile phone do you have? What could you do with a proper Nikon or Canon? Maybe photograph the supernatural.

Juliet said...

Just a Nokia slidey one. I have use of a proper Nikon, but I feel too conspicuous walking around with it!