Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wandering through Ampersandland on a Wednesday night

I landed this week on a fantastic new blog - The Ampersand.

It features some wonderful ampersandery, including the ones below, by Susan Angebrandt (which regular readers might recognise),
a transient, organic tree-bark ampersand by Cumbrian graphic designer/typographer/photographer Sarah France, and a jolly little dancing ampersand from for the love of type.

(Unlike this absolutely essential chocolate ampersand - why was there only one in the box?!)

A highly recommended blog for the feed-list of ampersand lovers everywhere.

(And for anyone whose ampersappetite still hasn't been sated by that lot, there's also the Flickr Ampersandland pool, which should keep you going for a while!)


Jane Badger said...

Reading this at a gallop, I thought for one awful moment you meant the chocolate ampersand was one you could live without..... as you say though, essential.

Don't you love the word ampersand? It's that r, in the middle - amperrrrrrsand

Juliet said...

Jane - you are absolutely right. It would be most misleading to suggest that I could possibly live without dark chocolate for a single day (one tries, but fails miserably), so I have moved the picture!

I do indeed love the sound of the word ampersand. And it needs, ideally, to be spoken with a Scots accent. Mind you, it's rather delicious in French, too - L'esperluette. Mmmmmmm.

Jane Badger said...

Ooohhh - l'esperluette. Ampersand slinks. l'esperluette pirouettes before you.


Thank you for giving my ampersand a mention - really kind of you.


p.s. i love your blog colour combination!

Juliet said...

Hi Sarah - my pleasure - it's wonderful. Love the other work on your blog, too.

Knitting printer said...

Hi Juliet--Glad you liked my ampersand hat; feel free to add it to your collection. Anything for ampersands! We even had them on our wedding cake. I L*O*V*E the ampersand site you found and am so happy to know about it and yours.

Juliet said...

Hi Susette - many thanks. And I L*O*V*E your knitted alphabet project! Very pleased indeed to have landed on your lovely blog, which I shall follow with interest.