Saturday, 5 July 2008

High tide

Despite the gloomy forecast of 'heavy showers' (one of which put in a brief appearance around breakfast time), it's been the most glorious, sunny, breezy day here on the muddy island. Not much mud in evidence at high tide. And not much beach, either. So Boy and I had some adventures as we walked eastwards and dodged waves which were right up to the beach huts and the sea wall in places.

Enjoyed a picnic lunch watching the windsurfers and kitesurfers who were out in droves, taking advantage of the blustery conditions to reach some astonishingly high speeds. Didn't even think to glance at the time, so was quite surprised to discover when we got back that we'd been out for four hours.

I now have to rush off to do at least some of the large amount of gardening I had been postponing until today. Will put names in the hat and draw the winner of Harpole & Foxberrow later this evening.

Found this dead gannet on the beach. A live but sickly one (which sadly died while in care) was discovered on the island recently, very close to where this one was washed ashore today. Gannets aren't usually found on Mersea, so this is a bit worrying. Could it be related to the dreadful effects of global warming on the gannet population much further up the east coast, on the Bass Rock, which I mentioned here last year and which is explained on the Birdwatch blog?


galant said...

What lovely photos and such fine weather ... we've been hammered by rain all day here in Torbay! It's more like November than July. Even had the fire on in the sitting room, and I'm contemplating getting a rug to wrap around me whilst I watch TV this evening! And I made pea and mint soup for lunch as it was a soup-sorta-day!
Margaret Powling

monix said...

Did you really take those photos with your mobile phone? I thought they were just to keep in the car in case of a breakdown - not a great deal of use in many places here,I must add. (I used to tell my secretary that if I broke down on the moor I would tie my mobile to a sheep and send that off for help.)

I hope your Boy enjoyed his visit to Devon.

Juliet said...

Margaret - sorry to hear about bad weather down in Devon, although it does sound rather cosy!

Monix - yes I did. Mine is in constant use for communicating with family members and ascertaining their whereabouts and other comings and goings. Plus it acts as my watch and my alarm clock. And now my camera as well!

My parents always keep theirs (in its original box) in the glove compartment of the car in case of emergencies. They broke down in the outside lane of the M4 one day, which was quite an emergency, all things considered. So they duly got out their mobile phone. It hadn't been removed from its box for six months and therefore the battery was completely flat. So that was handy, then . . .

Boy had the most 100% wonderful time in Seaton, thanks. I spent 4 hours with him this afternoon and he talked of absolutely nothing else. And not too much rain, either, apparently. The stench from his kit-bag was something else, though! They did 'muddy activities' on Tuesday so those clothes had been festering for four days. I just tipped the entire bagful outside the back door and it's taken seven extra-long cycles in the machine to get through it all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics - particularly like the one of 'boy' walking towards a path paved with sea glass. Teresa

Juliet said...

Teresa - gosh, you're right, he is. I hadn't noticed that strange and entirely unintentional effect!

Hedgelands Glass Lass said...

Lovely images juliet! It has made me feel a bit better after the bad weather here. Lightning killed our power for a couple of hours this afternoon. I finished a bracelet I had sitting half done for ages (sheep beads) so it wasn't a total loss.