Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Does this explain everything or nothing?

How do we acquire aesthetic awareness?

Naturally, as a (ahem) right-thinking, Guardian-reading, NCT-subscribing, art-loving mother, I took great care to ensure not only that my babies listened to plenty of Bach and Mozart in utero, but also that they were surrounded from their earliest days only by the very finest visual stimuli. No kitchy trash allowed in my Parenting Project, thankyouverymuch. Oh no, certainly not. Only the best for my babies. How else could I ensure that they would develop Exquisite Good Taste and the enhanced appreciation of line, colour and form commensurate with their borderline genius status?

After all, they were Children of Mine, and I, naturally, have all those qualities (excepting the borderline genius bit, obviously) in abundance, don't I? It must have been the way I was brought up by my own discerning parents. 

Well . . . actually, NOT! Here are a few pages from some of the children's books (comparatively few of them, compared with the abundance owned by the current generation) I used to pore over for hours at a time (no telly in them days!).

And look - aren't they just hideous? The epitome of kitch. If they weren't a precious part of my childhood, I wouldn't give them house room.

One thing, though - perhaps this picture explains my penchant for finding spectacular sunsets heavenly?

There are undoubtedly plenty of instructive conclusions to be drawn from all this.
I'm just not sure I want to investigate them!


mary lou said...

I love the vintage books- I believe the artist was ELoise Wilkins. She drew mostly blonds in the '50's but did become more diverse by thge '70's. They are a bit cute but I still like them.
Have you read The Guernsey Literary Society... wonderful read.
-Mary Lou in Chapel Hill, NC

KSV Woolfoot said...

J - My belief is that good taste is seriously overrated. In all things, it's the heart that matters. Not that I'll be collecting Hummels anytime soon...
These are lovely, in their way, and I know you are glad that you saved them, or someone saved them for you. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Badger said...

I rather like the kittens actually - they could be an awful lot worse! Did your children like them? I thought of you today while I was cataloguing a load of "tasteful" children's books I've just bought!