Friday 16 November 2007

‘Nature as art, in absolute detail’

“Nature as art, in absolute detail. A never ending paradox that tears me from reality. Everything has a spirit, a voice that needs to be listened to. Creativity is my passion. This was the journey of my childhood, as I watched my father create wonderful furniture in wood and observed my mother sewing beautiful garments with fabrics.

When I search for inspiration, I look over the vineyards surrounding my studio in south-west France and ideas engulf me. Dreams evolve into reality, midnight sketches become my driving force. Before my canvas, I see the world through a lens. I’m interested in what escapes me.”

The quote above is taken from the ‘Artist Statement’ of Cathy Savels, from whom I received an email yesterday letting me know that her work is now available as greetings cards or prints from redbubble . She has given me permission to reproduce a small selection of her pictures here to bring them to an even wider audience.

I find Cathy’s work so intriguing – part painting, part collage, and often employing her signature material – string – her images are always surprising, always make you look twice. Not just at the image, to marvel at how she has created it, but at the source, too – an apple core, a slice of tomato or a pile of black-eyed beans. Cathy is certainly true to her passion - mission indeed - to see nature's details more clearly and to encourage others to do the same.

The story of how Cathy came to live and work in France and triumph over many adversities in pursuit of her art is amazing in itself - you can read it on redbubble.

In addition to redbubble, you can also find Cathy’s work on her website and on ArtWanted.

All images © Cathy Savels.

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