Monday 19 November 2007

Nautical Noel

Further to yesterday's post about Leafy's lovely Mersea Island Christmas cards, I'm now pleased to report that they can be purchased with Paypal direct from Leafy by sending her an email.

The p&p charges are:

Single card: 50p

2-5 cards: £1

6-10 cards: £1.50

11-20 cards: £2

For bigger pics (which you can click on to enlarge even more) and further details, click here.

All images © Leafy Dumas.


Anonymous said...

The cards are nice but you won't get a penny from me. Don't like your anti-military widgets. Do you really hate the United States that much that you are gloting about the situation. Do you clap your hands when the BBC anounces another death caused by extremist loyalists. I supposed you'd be ok if a mosque was built on Mersea, but hark, oh no, not in my backyard one assumes.

What is wrong with these people? Do they not understand what Global Socialism is and why we should all fear the loss of our freedoms? - quotation

Juliet said...

1. I'm very pleased you like the cards, but they are not mine so none of your pennies would have come anywhere near me or my controversial widgets.

2. The figures shown in the widgets aren't 'anti-military', they are simply pointing out the devastating cost of this war in human and financial terms. As I have mentioned to my previous critics, when one's close relations have fought for one's country and freedom in other wars, one's views on such matters can hardly be other than deeply complicated.

3. I don't 'hate the United States', but I do, like millions of others in the West, question the motives behind this war, the point and consequences of its continuance, and the UK's involvement in it.

4. If you read these widgets as counting the cost in a 'gloting' [sic] fashion then you have entirely misread what they are pointing out and why I believe the figures they reveal should concern us all.

5. No I do not clap my hands when the BBC or any other source announces the death of anyone, by whatever means.

6. I cannot think to what you are 'harking' when you make assumptions about my stance re the necessity for places of worship of any denomination on Mersea. Unless it be your own prejudices, as revealed by this comment.

7. If you do not like my views or the items on my blog you are perfectly free not to bother visiting it again.

8. The internet is awash with invective hurled between people who do not - and cannot - know each other. I am happy to engage in rational debate but do not wish to become embroiled in pointless arguments across the ether. So please do not spend any time composing a reply to this because I will not post it. Thanks for your visit and I hope you find many other blogs which are more to your taste - I'm sure you will.

Best wishes, Juliet

60GoingOn16 said...

Well said, Juliet. A thoughtful and apposite response to a less than erudite comment.

I was intrigued by the use of the dash followed by the word 'quotation'. An odd combination of punctuation and word usage, wouldn't you say, and what was it supposed to tell us? Apart from which, I'm always wary of anything that includes the words 'these people'. I've noticed that 'these people' crop up all over the place and, like statistics, can be trotted out to support just about any viewpoint, no matter how extreme.

monix said...

Well said, Juliet. I'm in full agreement and sympathy with you.

Pauline Rowson said...

What anti military widgets? Am I missing something? Maybe I should click to enlarge??? I thought the cards looked lovely. I like the comment about 'these people' and that they seem to crop up everywhere! Yes, indeed, who are 'these people?' More fodder for a future novel me thinks.

Anonymous said...

I think he means the death count of Iraq and the cost counters. They are quite anti establishment. If you go to their websites and look at the people who are running the websites it explains why Mr. Fielding feels so strongly. At the moment America is a hugely divided country with the elections next year. Their economy is verging on a great depression. Banks are forclosing on houses and the people are feeling the strain, hence the weak dollar. A friend of mine lives in Kentucky and he reckons they could have a civil war in the near future. Nice cards by the way, does Leafy have a website?

Juliet said...

Hi Ray - Yes, I have friends in America too and agree with your observations. Leafy doesn't have a website yet, but she will do soon, which is good news because she has lots more gorgeous cards and prints which need to be seen!