Sunday, 15 June 2008

A gr8 Essex Nite Out

At New Hall School, near Chelmsford, to hear the incomparable Dame Gillian Weir playing the newly restored chapel organ. This was a real treat - the last time I heard her playing was over two decades ago, at a Prom, in Saint Saens' exhilarating 'Organ Symphony'.

Last night's programme of mainly French and English music showed off the organ's entire range to best advantage, and a video link to the console allowed the audience to watch as well as hear, which was quite fascinating.

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Greg Dunn said...

Not a nun in sight. How refreshing. Seeing the auld place took me back to the late 70's, returning my 'neices' on a Sunday night, being looked up and down reproachfully by the house mistress (the black leather jacket, Cuban heels and big hair didn't help the scenario) and being told curtly that the dormitories were out of bounds. Happy days!

Juliet said...

The nuns have all moved out now Greg. And there are boys' dorms!!