Sunday, 22 June 2008


Well the Met Office got it wrong again! Heavy rains were forecast (they've been forecast all week but have never materialised). A glorious sunny day ensued. Walked from Cudmore Grove at the east of the island along the beach to West Mersea, battling against a strong breeze all the way - I feel completely sand-blasted! (I was hoping that this might have whittled a few inches off my outer edges but unfortunately it has merely turned me pink - or perhaps that was the sun ...)

Here's one of the island's WWII pillboxes - still remarkably intact.

Most of them have, like this one, fallen into the sea over the years - many of them have taken quite a tumble as the cliffs on which they were built have been eroded by the encroaching sea.

Rainbow cloud - I'd never seen one like this. What can have caused it?

The dog had a wonderful time.

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Kim Velk said...

Checking in of a Sunday evening... More great pictures. I have some I took the other day of a parallel outing here in VT that will be coming soon. I labored (in snatches) all weekend on a blog post reviewing my recent reading. I hope you will come have a look and leave a comment. I also took a picture of "My Shelf" - the repository of kids books I have collected. I posted it just now, before wandering back to your island. I see that it is completely derivative of your bookshelf picture. No wonder it struck me as such a great idea. It was yours! Maybe I'll move it down the sidebar so as not to be such a copycat. Cheers.